the best surprises come as 'mystery shipments'

What exactly is a

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Mystery packaging

Mystery Shipments are custom surprise gift packages, shipped out in a mystery packaging, in order to keep the surprise a surprise!

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Surprise goodies

Each mystery shipment contains goodies hand-picked by Sam TheGrizzly, based on the theme or occasion.

An amazing gift for you, and a great move for our planet Earth!

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We love mother nature

That's why it should be of no surprise that we go to extreme lengths to minimize our carbon footprint. One of the many ways we do so is by re-using discarded brand name packaging! We try to pack as much mystery as we can in each "gently loved" packaging, in the name of recycling. It may not seem like much, but we avoid adding stress on the environment by re-using perfectly good boxes - one shipment at a time.

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